CDM 2015 makes a clear distinction between a commercial and domestic client. 

Duties apply in full to commercial clients, whereas, during a domestic project, other dutyholders normally take these on.

Commercial client

CDM 2015 puts great emphasis on the role the client has to play in ensuring health and safety during construction.

Whatever the size of the project, the client has contractual control.  They appoint designers and contractors, and determine the money, time and other resources for the project.

A client has to:

  • Decide whether the project is ‘construction work’
  • Allow sufficient time and resources.
  • Notify the HSE.
  • Appoint designers and contractors, including principal designer and principal contractor.
  • Check competence of all appointees.
  • Ensure there are suitable management arrangements in place.
  • Provide Pre-Construction Information to designers and contractors.
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure that all duty holders carry out their duties.
  • Ensure that construction does not start unless there are suitable welfare facilities and a Construction Phase Plan in place.
  • Retain and provide access to the Health and Safety File.

If you are a client, we can act as your advisor and ensure all these areas are covered, that competent appointments are made and tasks allocated correctly.

A review of the Construction Phase Plan will make sure it is appropriate for the work being carried out and that there are suitable arrangements in place for the risks expected during the work. 

We can carry out periodic audits and inspections, helping you to monitor other duty holders’ compliance.  These can be done during the design and construction phases.

Let us do what we do best – freeing up your time to let you focus on what you do best.

“Having worked on many projects with Kate, she has not only provided a great deal of guidance and support on managing CDM works, but also the practical aspect of controlling contractor health and safety standards on site.  Kate’s knowledge and experience is a valuable asset for any project.”

Andrew S.  Project Engineer

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